Turning a corner

My “one day at a time” has changed to “one hour at a time” since we’ve been here. Robert definitely turned a corner late this afternoon!

He was still very tired this morning – he has trouble getting comfy to sleep in his neck collar (so thankful he is not in a halo). He did a little bit of PT this morning but wasn’t up for sitting in his chair like yesterday. He did take about 4 assisted steps and stepped up onto a stool 👍🏻. He took a long mid-day nap and woke up so much better.

He finally asked for food (buttered noodles) and Gatorade. He ate almost every bite! We got him to sit in the chair for a couple of hours to watch football with Daddy 🏈. He was even laughing at some jokes and telling stories from school last week. He also loved watching all of the sweet video messages from friends at home — thank you 🥰

We’ve decided to push back our flight home to Monday morning instead of flying out tomorrow night — traveling is going to be tough for our little guy and think an extra day and morning flight will help.

We are praying for a good night of sleep and more steps forward tomorrow. Thank you so much for all of the love 💜.


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