Ready to go

It was our best day since surgery.

Robert had his best night of sleep so far last night … still waking a lot to get comfy with his neck brace but it seems to be getting a bit better.

He then had lots of final sign offs from his doctors. I am so grateful for all of the amazing doctors and nurses that took good care of Robert this week. Dr. Mackenzie (pictured) and Dr. Campbell are both unbelievable surgeons and wonderfully nice people. They continued to tell us how great Robert is doing. We’ve learned that Robert is likely the first in the world to have this particular screw system in his neck (I included an X-ray photo – pretty amazing) — apparently it is a very new technology that worked perfectly for what he needed. A fun fact Robert can tell his buddies at school 😂

His walking and sitting with PT went much better today. He took a lot of assisted steps and sat for TV, iPad games, and dinner. The physical therapist got our stroller all ready to go (so it supports his back a bit better) for the airport tomorrow morning.

Most importantly … Robert’s funny, chatty self came back this afternoon. He’s been so quiet since surgery and today he was back to telling stories, singing, and saying things like “oh you’ve got to be kidding me” while slapping his face 🤦.

So … we’re ready to go! Praying that Robert handles the travel ok tomorrow and his pain is minimized. We’re all ready to be home with Anna and Maple ❤️.


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