Day 1 – Pre Surgery Appointments

One day at a time …

Robert made it through his four appointments today without a single complaint! Daddy dropped us off at the door (only one parent allowed due to COVID) at 11am and we headed to X-rays. He remembered the fancy stand-up x-ray machine from last year — he likes to pretend it’s a Space Shuttle 🚀. And of course he did a little dancing in it too.

We then headed over to see the pediatric orthopedic specialist, Dr MacKenzie. He’s the best in the world for children with Morquio. He walked us (with Dad on FaceTime) through what we can expect in the surgery on Thursday. Based on what he can see on the MRI we are very thankful Robert hasn’t done permanent damage to his cervical cord 🙏🏻. Robert was showing Dr M how strong he was in the photo 🥰

Squeezed in a quick Chick-fil-a lunch and then headed back for a CT scan and then a halo/neck brace fitting. Robert thought the CT scan machine was awesome … felt like he was in the ocean surrounded by all of the fish 🐠. Praying what Dr MacKenzie sees on the CT scan is going to lead to a straight forward procedure on Thursday.

So thankful for my resilient little guy who didn’t complain or whine one time. Such a trooper.

Thank you for ALL of the prayers and messages. It feels so good to know we aren’t alone.


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