Bye Bye Hip Hardware!

So thankful to write that today has gone smoothly and the surgery went as expected – hips looked great and all of the hardware has been removed!

I saw a quote today that read: “It’s not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.”  There couldn’t be a more fitting quote for Robert.  While we are back at Nemours to continually strengthen his broken body, we are beyond blessed by his incredibly strong spirit.  From the time Robert woke up this morning till when they rolled him away for his procedure, he was as brave as ever.  His funny self didn’t ever go away – charming the nurses, as always.  His spirit gets me through the hardest days.  And, a big thank you to all of his best buddies at home sending video valentine’s messages — every single one made Robert smile!

We said our goodbyes at 8:45 and were reunited by 12:00.  Dr. Mackenzie said everything went flawlessly with the removal of the hardware and his hips look great!  The pain Robert will experience from this surgery is from the incisions and from moving around a major muscle from his hip down the front of his leg to remove the hardware.  Though Robert will likely tell you that the pain from the removal of anything sticky (bandages, IVs, pulse ox monitors, etc.) is the worst part!

While always a relief to be reunited with our sweet boy in Post Op, it is also so hard on this Mommy’s heart to typically see a very upset little boy.  Robert historically has a really hard time coming out of anesthesia with lots of screaming and tears.  We’ve often joked with Robert that he turns into Jack Jack from The Incredibles.  All of your positive vibes and prayers came our way today and it was much less severe.  While we had tears and frustration it quickly passed, and Robert’s spirit was back.  Before leaving Post Op he heard a baby screaming and said, “it’s ok, it’s ok it’s just the IVs and they’ll be out soon.”  Made us and the nurse smile.

We were transferred to our hospital room for the rest of the day and tonight and — so far, so good.  Robert took a long nap, watched 4 movies, ate 4 popsicles, and just requested buttered noodles.  I think we’re turning a corner, and the anesthesia is hopefully leaving his system.

We’ll continue to take all of the love and prayers as the nurses manage his pain overnight and get us ready to be discharged tomorrow.   And please send positive thoughts to so many other children recovering or going through treatments in hospitals today … as I walk down this very familiar hallway, I’m reminded of all of the journeys that are even harder than ours.

xoxo, Helen

Ready to go with Dr. Mackenzie

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