7 days and counting!

1 week from today, we will finally see Robert’s sweet little legs!  I will be able to wrap my arms around him and truly hug him.  We will say goodbye to red leg and blue leg.  We are 7 days from being done with the “cast phase” of this much anticipated and dreaded hip & leg reconstruction!

Robert has been so incredibly patient since surgery and he’s had many smiles and laughs, but it hasn’t been easy.  Much like me, he’s had moments of sadness, anger, and frustration.  I’ll never forget him saying to me, “it’s not fair, everyone has awesome legs and I have these stupid casts to fix mine.”  It’s not fair, sweet boy.  I can’t wait to see him dance and sword fight again.  (And, I can’t wait to finally get a full night of sleep again!).

While we are finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, we also know that this next PT phase is going to be long and HARD.  Robert knows that he won’t be able to walk when his casts come off.  We have told him he is going to have to re-learn how to walk and it is going to take time.  I am praying that he continues to be patient, stay strong, and doesn’t give up even on his hardest days.

On Sunday we head back to Delaware for the cast removal, more x-rays, more doctor appointments, and 2x a day PT appointments.  Not exactly a fun Spring Break but one we are all looking forward to and will all certainly never forget.  Big Sis is coming with us for the first time and she is super excited — praying she is at peace with everything her brother will be going through.  She has been so incredibly brave over the past few months.

We continue to find strength by leaning on all of our wonderful family and friends.  We are overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of love for our family.  Thank you for #RootingforRobert and please continue to pray for all of the Morquio families that are facing challenges every day.

Here are a few photos from the last 5 weeks in Robert’s Captain America armor.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Robert – hang on for the next 7 days, you have done so well, you are definitely Captain America!! You are truly amazing ❤️. We think about you every day. Helen, Robert and Anna, you are one strong support team, your love shines through, keep strong.


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